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    BSI Meetings and Events Launches An Industry First

    24 February 2010

    BSI launches its latest electronic authorisation system in February which will set the bar in the types of authorisation processes that can be achieved with arrangers of both accommodation and meetings.
    Trevor Elwood BSI’s Group MD says “the new system will allow corporations to set a wide set of business rules that will trigger an automated authorisation message if the rules are breached during the booking process- requiring senior management hierachy authorisation, delivered to blackberries and desk top for review acceptance or rejection of the authorisation request . Nothing new in the travel industry, some might say, but we have taken those rules to a new level built on customer need rather than agency convenience, and integrating those into the meetings arena as well now gives Corporations the control they seek across their whole converged spend of accommodation, meetings and events”
    The roll out of the new authorisation ETAF system has been greeted with enthusiasm by some of the UK largest corporations and public sector bodies, managed by BSI, who seek to place more emphasis on challenging of pre trip planned expenditure commitments.


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