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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Matters at BSI…

Our true performance as a business must take account of both our non-financial and financial results. They are intrinsically linked – if we want to be a profitable and successful company, we must be an ethical one. We are committed to being both. To that end, we have been building on our expertise and engaging with stakeholders to find ways to innovate and improve.

We have an ongoing CSR programme which is designed to promote understanding amongst our stakeholders of the important issues for our business and to facilitate appropriate management approaches.

It is our aim to continually improve our management of social, environmental and economic issues throughout our business and our supply chain. Our programme goes far beyond the legislative frameworks and reflects our view of leadership and best practice in the following areas:

  • Global environmental awareness
  • Influencing our supply chain to benefit our customers through our GuestAware™ programme and carbon emissions reporting
  • Personal well-being and work-life balance
  • Community development and leadership

We are making impressive strides but there are significant challenges ahead. A deep global economic downturn must not diminish the importance of our corporate responsibility objectives. They are as critical now as ever, and we must continue to meaningfully engage people at all levels of our business in achieving them. We must also make the business case in all that we do. The twinning of good financial and non-financial performance is a win/win for the company and its stakeholders.

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To contact us regarding corporate responsibility, please email csr@bsi.co.uk

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